April 2019

April 2019 ISGTNC Monthly CME

Recurrent Disseminated Abdominal Hydatid cyst In an Immuno-compromized patient
By Dr.Arjun & Dr.Rajkumar Solomon

An Unusual gastric mass by Dr.Rohan Yewale & Dr.B.S.Ramakrishna

Case series
Acute pancreatitis with ALF in yellow phosphorus poisioning for liver transplant by Dr.Joy Varghese

Circumferential ESD for an early esophageal Cancer by Dr.Veeraraghavan

Complex late post liver transplant course: Multidisciplinary approach for Success by Dr.Illangho

Theme Talk: Learning from Legends

Gastroenterology & Research Dr.V.I.Mathan & Dr.B.S.Ramakrisha

GI Endiscopy Down South - Dawn of an era Dr.B.Krishna Rau & Dr.Patta Radhakrisha